UKM Pakarunding Sdn Bhd (UKMP), previously known as Biro Rundingan dan Inovasi, provides consultancy services in various fields of specialisation. It was established in 1979 and subsequently incorporated as a corporate entity in October 2001. UKMP was proud to be one of the first consultancy company ever formed among the public universities in Malaysia.

Since starting its operation in January 2002, UKMP has been providing consultancy services which cover areas of expertise including environmental management; social studies; information, communication & technology services; and business management.

UKMP, an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm is registered with the Treasury, Ministry of Finance Malaysia to provide multi-discipline consultancy services.

UKMP is also registered with PETRONAS, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, MMC Bhd, TH Properties, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Indah Water Konsortium, East Coast Economic Region (ECER), Iskandar Region Development Authority as well as Northern Corridor Implementation Authority as their technical service provider. We are proud to lead the way and truly committed in developing and providing excellent consultancy services that represents and promotes UKM’s hallmark for prominence and strength in its areas of research and niche expertise.

Having all the experts in various field of studies, we try to give our best commitment. Besides providing consultation we also take full responsible to ensure that the studies been conducted will benefit community. UKMP always looking forward to improve our services and aware the importance of every studies.


You have a vision for your business, and our experienced team will help you manage the performance, in place to bring your vision to a life.


We operate in the most cost effective manner


Timeless and quality are top priority in our service deliveries to clients.


We take charge and shape our own future


Continuously seek to walk the extra mile to delight our client in providing total customer experience (TCE)

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