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Environmental Impact Assesment

Provision of the expert service for the statutorily-required EIA studies as prescribed under the Environmental Quality Act 1974. The expert service provision is guided by the published guideline by the Department of Environment Malaysia. The service would normally be packaged in a multi-disciplinary team could also be offered on a specialized services.

Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Works

Green Project Development Programme is compulsory in this era of globalisation. Effective implementation plan is king and arrangement for better Environmental Protection is queen. UKMP provide the Environmental Protection Management Plan. Protection procedures also need to be monitored and all Environmental Monitoring Works could be conducted by UKMP.

Environmental Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is a tool in decision making process. Environmental Feasibility Study will assist developer to decide the location, technology and process to be adopted in the projects with consideration of least impact to the environment.

Special Services

Public can knock the window of UKMP by knocking the door of UKMP. With multidiscipline area of environmental services, UKMP already in success in specific areas. All special successful services are summarised below:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment
  • Health Risk Impact Assessment
  • Geology and Geotechnical Risk and Impact Assessment
  • Surface and Ground Hydrology Modelling
  • Water Quality Modelling
  • Air and Noise Dispersion Modelling

Training/Courses and Experts Advisory Services

With a pool of experts with multidiscipline expertise, UKMP keen to share the knowledge with industries and people. Knowing that earth pollution and going green is a big move, UKMP willing to transmit the know how to the public and industries to save the earth. The aspiration will be translated in the advisory, courses and training services provided.