Provision of Professional Service Advisory
For The Assessment And Improvement Of Food Provisions To Offshore Staff Of Newfield Peninsula Inc.

Healthy food options should be provided in order to promote healthy eating practice among offshore staff. This will give opportunity for them to make healthier option. However, drastic change for example by providing only healthy options may not be acceptable for the staff as changing eating behaviour is a gradual process. Therefore, a healthy set menu is suggested to be implemented in o Offshore food service for SKE offshore staff. Providing a healthy set menu together with other less healthy food without promoting it to the staff may not produce positive outcome as staff may not know which food are healthier than others. Therefore, by selecting or modify one or few food items in each meal from the existing menu and highlight them as a healthier food than others is one of the method to provide nutrition education to the staff. This can facilitate them to make a better food choices. UKMP consultants provide the nutritional information and benefits of healthy set menu that are suggested. This nutritional information is suggested to be disseminate to offshore daily using f lat screen monitor at the serving area or during morning briefing by Medic.