The proposed hydroelectric project is a prescribed activity under the Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities) under Schedule of the Environmental Quality (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order, 1987. The requirement for the DEIA study is stipulated under section 34A of the Environmental Quality Act, 1974. In compliance with the above requirements, A DEIA report of the proposed project to be prepared for the approval of the Department of Environment (DOE).

2 storage reservoirs namely the Puah reservoir and Tembat reservoir with a surface area of 60 km2 and 1.3km2 respectively; two dams i.e. 78m-high earth f ill dam on the upper Sg. Terengganu Mati just downstream of its conf l uence with Sg. Puah and a 30m-high roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam on Sg. Tembat; An underground power house with 212 MW installed capacity; A diversion dam on the adjacent Sg. Tembat; A short diversion tunnel between the Tembat and Puah reservoirs. The Project will generate an average of 406 GWh of essential peak energy per annum.